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  • For all rugs, we recommend only using Woolite or other compatible carpet cleaners. To clean, apply the cleaner with a soft bristle brush, rinse with water, and extract with a vacuum or extractor. The rug should then be dried by air or with a low temperature hair dryer.
  • Proper care of your rug can greatly increase its longevity. Make sure you use a rug pad underneath: this will dramatically reduce wear and tear. You can shop rug pads here.
  • Vacuum regularly. Do not use a beater bar attachment. If you cannot remove the beater bar, raise it as high as possible and vacuum carefully. When vacuuming, use the lowest available setting to prevent fibers from being pulled out of the rug backing. Sprouts that appear on the surface of the rug should be snipped at level. Do not pull the fiber out. If you own a natural fiber rug, be sure to vacuum the area underneath the rug periodically. Spills should be cleaned immediately using a clean white cloth. Avoid rubbing, as this may push the stain deeper into the rug. To promote even wear of the rug surface, rotate regularly.